Pocket Ponderings

Poke’Pon (Pocket Ponderings) – noun. a thought so small you can keep it in your pocket and take it everywhere with you.

Would you like a cute little Poke’Pon? Pick one up from the list below.

Hitch 3

Proof of the Power of Prayer

The Things You Do Because of Faith

Did God Overreact?

I Can Read Your Mind

Jesus Christ Opens Doors

Happy Easter, Hitler!

How Much is Proof of the Supernatural Worth?

Facebook, Fasting and Failing

Would You Say No to $30 Million?

Manny Pacquiao Won because of Mommy Dionisia.

Why is the Philippines so poor? Why are Jews so rich?

God is good all the time.

The worst person who has ever lived…

If you were god…


Now take your Poke’pon and let it grow and evolve. Should you encounter any problems, just remember the two most important rules of logic:

  1. Use your head.

  2. Spread the Red!


Thank you.


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