About Joey

Joey is a Red, but he is also a training professional, a Manchester United fan, a stock market investor, a dog lover, a human rights advocate, and an atheist.

Spread the Red!

Spread the Red!


7 thoughts on “About Joey”

  1. Hi sir Joey, cool blog you have, keep building awesome content. Cheers!


  2. Liking what I’m seeing here Joey.
    I shall return


  3. Anonymous said:

    hi mr, red 🙂 do you know the meaning of the word “red” in the Holy Bible?


    • I did a quick google search and it doesn’t look like the word “red” appears a lot in the Bible.

      I found two verses – Isaiah 1:18 and Exodus 28:15. In both verses, it was used to refer to the color.

      So yes, I know that in the Bible, the word red means a color similar to crimson and scarlet. But then, I’m not a Bible expert so if there are other meanings (there usually are), I’d love to be enlightened.


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