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Although Bro. Eli Soriano has not stopped vomiting logical fallacies on his Twitter page, I will not be writing about his natural talent for flawed reasoning today. The guy deserves a break; he’s earned it.

This time, it’s not about his fallacy. This time it’s about this:

From Mr. Soriano’s Twitter page.

To those who don’t speak my beloved Filipino, here’s my best attempt at translating the text.

Mr. Robiel delos Santos (@robiel_11) comments, “A lot of people are saying that atheists have done a lot of good deeds such as scientists who have improved human civilization through their inventions and discoveries.”

Bro. Eli Soriano (@BroEliSoriano) responds, “Even if they are held in the highest regard by men, atheists are vile and disgusting in the eyes of god.”


As an atheist, I am not one bit concerned about what god thinks of me. Mr. Soriano believes that his god thinks I’m vile and disgusting: Okay, his god is a bigot – I get it. Nevertheless, I’m not worried about what he can do to me considering he isn’t real. To me, his wrath is as potent and effective as Zeus’s thunderclouds or Thor’s Mjölnir.

I’m not worried about what impact Soriano’s message has on the imaginary afterlife he preaches to be true; what I’m worried about is the impact Soriano’s message has on the real, present life we all know to be true.

When religious leaders preach that their god loves those who believe in him but is disgusted by those who reject him, what message does this send to his followers? Perhaps we can spin it and say it’s a message that encourages his followers to reach out to non-believers with love and compassion, but it cannot be denied that the same message can just as well encourage bigotry and division. I think it at this point, it is safe to call a spade a spade: Mr. Soriano, you, just like the imaginary god who has helped you raise enough money to buy expensive coats and turtlenecks, are a bigot, and your message, carelessly delivered, encourages your followers to be bigots like you.

I would like to pose a question to those who take Soriano’s message to be true: If your god thinks of atheists as vile and disgusting creatures as your leader clearly preached, what do YOU think of atheists?

I ask because what you think matters more than what your god thinks. What you think matters more because you’re real, and bigotry in the hearts and minds of a real society worries me more than a verdict reached in an imaginary courtroom in the sky presided by an imaginary celestial judge.

That’s it for today. Remember: Use your head, and Spread the RED!